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  • Construction: Premium Grade 1 Enlgish Willow
  • Profile: Full profile with extra power
  • Shape: Traditional shape with prefectly balanced spine
  • Sweet Spot: Mid to low sweet spot for all round and elegant shot play
  • Handle: Power Drive – round thisn handle made out of 12 peice imported cane
  • Edges: Huge subcontient style edges (38 MM + edges)
  • Pick up: Great balance and very light pickup with heaps of close and straigh grains
  • Finish: Fully knocke with Free 5,000 knocks on our fully automated machine
  • Free: Full-lenght padded bat cover


SG English Willow Bats

Additional Information

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 36 in
Available Weights

Cricket Bat Size


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