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Designed for Virat Kholi’s class and dominating batting style and built to Virats Specifications

Construction: Carefully selecged players Grade, naturally ari-dired and expertly handcrafted English Willow

Profile: Optimum Blanace with exceptional stroke. An imposing beautifully balanced full profile wiht a traditional spine for over all blade performance maximizing explosive power and enhaching pick up for the ultimate batting experience

Sweet Spot: Mid to low massive sweet spot for all-round play

Handle: Semi-oval handle made out of multi-piece imported can which delivers the optimal combination of power, control and flexibility

Edges: Huge Edges and Full profile

Bow: Big subcontinent style bow

Pickup: Very light pick up and greate balance

Finish: After order bat will be full knocked with 5000 knocks on our full automated machine (ready to play)

Free: full lenght padded bat cover


MRF Cricket Bats

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 18 in
Cricket Bat Size


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