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  • Monnwalkr ENDOS has been thoughtfully designed as an integrated dual thigh guard to ensure adequate protection for your inner and outer thigh regions
  • Articulated design for the hip area to enable maximum mobility, offers better fitting with easy running
  • Hinged design allows for a snug, flexible fit regardless of thigh size and provides unhindered movement while running
  • Using lightweight composite materials developed with leading sports material researchers from Germany
  • Constructed with 3D molding techniques, the ENDOS offers superior protection compared to traditional Thigh Guards
  • The moonwalkr ENDOS Thigh Guards comes in combination of left and right thigh guards but the user has a flexibility to remove the inner thigh guard as per need
  • Moreover, it guards you from speeds up to 160 kmph


MoonWalkr Cricket Protection

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Dimensions10 × 4 × 10 in


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