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The Gunn & Moore Zelos L555 DXM is built to the traditional L555 blade / handle ratio.

All Gunn & Moore bats now utilize the tried and trusted F4.5 naturally curved face profile. The Zelos features a ultra curve handle / face profile, a low – mid swell / sweet spot for all round power play off front and back foot, a contoured spine profile and a partially concave back to give great balance. This bat has been factory prepared in our Nottingham factory and only requires gradual playing in carefully with an old ball before game day use.
Made in England in our own Nottingham factory
Maximum Swell – 64cm and Maximum Edge – 35cm
GM Terrain Bat Grip
Mens = 295mm handle and 555mm blade
GM NOW! and ToeTek(tm) finish fitted as standard
F4.5 mm face
Traditional 555 mm Blade Length bat inspires confidence
Ultra Curve bow shape
Traditional GM handle
Partially concaved back profile for outstanding balancing
Mid to Low swell position for all round power
Conforms to MCC Law 5 for Maximum Approved Bat sizes


GM English Willow Bats

gunn-morre cricket bas

Additional Information

Weight2.12 lbs
Dimensions11 × 5 × 36 in
Cricket Bat Size



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