DSC Black 2.0 Series 2024



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DSC English Willow Cricket Bats 2024

Product Description

  • BLAK 200 cricket bat features a mid-blade profile.
  • Boasts a pronounced bow, ideal for players comfortable with both front and back foot techniques.
  • Weight: 1160 -1200 gm (Mens)
  • Handle: Short Handle
  • Material: Top-quality grade 4 natural English willow
  • Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by master artisans
  • Handle Features: Treble spring handle for maximum shock absorption and strength
  • Bat Structure: Traditionally shaped with substantial edges at drive zone
  • Performance Enhancement: Pronounced bow for exceptional stroke execution
  • Purpose: Specifically designed for forceful and dominating strokes


DSC English Willow Bats

dsc cricket bats

English Willow Bats

English Willow Bats


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