BAS Vampire King Hitter




Product Description

Grade : This is a Grade 3 English Willow bat from BAS.
Profile : King hitter has a proportionately curved blade, usually it comes in concave profile.
Edges : Vampire king hitter bat comes with thick edges, thick shoulder, thick toe.
Face : The willow has a natural finish with slight brownish tinge.
Grains : King Hitter English willow cricket bat comes in usually 5 to 7 grains , mostly straight.


  • Profile: Perfectly balanced design with contoured edges and scalloped back design
  • Sweet Spot: Big blade and suited to both front and back foot play
  • Bow: Even mid blade bow with a slight bow
  • Edge: Big edge profile
  • Grip: Multi textured BAS grip


BAS English Willow Bats

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 36 in


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